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Brady Group, LLC

A One on One, Dr. to Dr. Experience

Dr. Chris Brady will help you take your practice where it's never gone before.  During this day and a half customized visit, you and your spouse will meet with Dr. Chris as you discuss every dynamic of your dental profession all while enjoying beautiful Colorado Springs.  This tailor-made meeting will all around change the way you strive to be truly fulfilled in your practice...

Dr. Chris Brady will help you:

  • Create your vision 
  • Lead your team in a way that empowers each individual to be responsible for the results of what the team mutually sets as goals.
  • Grow and structure your practice, so as to increase practice productivity and profitability to the desired level.
  • Coach your office in the mastery of leading and managing your practice.
  • Create economic freedom for your office through commitment to service, excellence and profitability.
  • Be economically profitable and financially independent, so that you can choose to serve those less fortunate in a way that change           your community, our nation and the world.
  • Implement a unfailing system where each of your team members gain ownership in their positions.
  • Dig deep into what IS working in your practice and what is not.
  • Offer ongoing training for each team member in your office.

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