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Do You Suffer From Any of These

Common Ailments Most Dentists Complain About?”


  • Untrained or Uncommitted Staff
  • No Clear Direction for the Practice
  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Poor Case Acceptance—Your Patients Offer ‘Excuses’


Dentists are dentists.  No matter where we live and practice, we are alike in many ways and we all suffer from the same headaches from running our offices.


Finding committed people to help us run our practices and getting them the proper training is always near the top of the complaint list.  Not that we don’t have good people . . . it’s just that we don’t know how to teach them what to do nor create an environment of fulfillment through commitment.


And, before you point all ten fingers at your staff . . . would you believe that you might have some culpability in their lack of training and commitment by not having a clear direction for the practice? 


  • How clear is your vision? 
  • What are your goals? 
  • Are you easy to follow? 
  • Does your team know where the practice is going and what’s expected of them?




Are you aware that lack of good communication ranks in the top 2 complaints dental teams express?  It’s a big deal.  No, wait.  It’s HUGE!!! 

  • How often do you hold team meetings? 
  • Are you having morning and evening ‘huddles’?
  • Do you have accountability for yourself and your team?
  • Are you having vision sessions?
  • How well do you communicate with your patients?


Improving communication will have a HUGE positive impact on your practice!


The absolute #1 complaint dentists across the globe have is . . . POOR CASE ACCEPTANCE.  Why?  Because we have been taught and trained to think the wrong way when presenting dentistry—then we end up saying and doing the exact opposite of what should be done for greater acceptance.  Would you believe me if I told you that what you are saying and doing are causing the patient to have ‘excuses’ for not doing what we recommend?  Excuses like:


  • “I need to think about it.”  Or
  • “That’s too expensive.”  Or. 
  • “I need to talk with my spouse.”  Or. 
  • “What will my insurance pay?”  Or. 
  • “Do I have to do all this now?  Can it wait?” 


Sound familiar?  If you are ‘educating’ your patients to convince them to do treatment or if you are making your patients have a complete exam on the first appointment, you’re killing your case acceptance success and getting the patients approval is less than it ought to be.  A lot less! 


Let me say it again . . . “How we have been taught to present treatment is 180 degrees counter from the absolute best way to get the patients to say, ‘Yes’!”


Can you relate to any of these headaches?  Would you like to know ho to get rid of the pain once and for all?  How can that happen?  It’s really quite simple . . .


Join us for the first ever Johannesburg Dental Society’s


“Improve Your Practice”,   “Improve Your Team” and

“Improve Your Bottom Line Through Excellent Case Acceptance”


Featuring Brady Group Personal Coach, Amy Drewery.

Via the modern, magic of computer video communication (Skype), Amy will present 4 seminar sessions (1.5 hours each) for the doctor and their teams (It’s highly recommended that you include them.) 


Under the tutelage of Dr. Chris Brady, Founder and President of the Brady Group LLC, Amy has coached offices across the planet teaching thousands of sessions just like these.  She always accomplishes top results for dentists and their teams.  Some of the most common comments from her class attendees are,

“We love Amy!  She’s the best!” ~ “Best seminar I’ve ever attended!” ~ “Amy made us feel more confident in approaching patients.” ~ “When first meeting with the Brady Group, we had the attitude of, ‘That won’t work in our practice.  We are unique.’  Boy, were we wrong!  It works great in all offices—even ours!” ~ “I always thought that my patients couldn’t afford the good dentistry we could provide.  With the new Brady Case Acceptance approach, patients are saying ‘Yes’ to large cases.”


Please join us!  Call 888-292-7239 today to reserve your spot.





PS  Ignoring this invitation will literally cost you thousands of Rand.  Give yourself and your team the amazing gift of less stress and more money while working fewer days.  Do yourself a favor.  Call to register now!!!  10% Early registration savings!

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