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 Dental Team Training event of the year!

  • Are you happy with the level of training your team has to sell comprehensive dentistry for you?
  • Are you happy with your NET income?
  • Are you confident that corporate dentistry is not a threat?
  • Are you able to be profitable without volume that stresses you out?
  • Are you sleeping well at night because you aren't worried about money?
  • Do you wish you had more time for team training?
  • Is every day fun and stress free?
  • Do you accomplish your financial goals?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Master Phone skills to  Schedule every potential new patient that calls.
  • Make every team member’s job easier and less stressful.
  • Sell large cases before the doctor even dances in to see the patient.
  • Eliminate  no-shows & cancellations.
  • Schedule to increase your income & lower stress and get everyone out on time.
  • Pre-Collect all the money days before the burr hits the tooth and the production starts.
  • Take 8 Weeks vacation per year to rest your weary legs and without worrying the doctor.

In other words . . . if everyone on the team is provided with the proper tools and support, you get to work less and make more!  If the team's happy, EVERYONE IS HAPPY!

                                           If you said ‘No’ to any of the above, your attendance at CASE ACCEPTANCE 2K16 IS A MUST.


Most teams need a little practice. Most teams need more training. Most teams could use a little boost.

If this sounds like you, you gotta come to the BEST TEAM TRAINING Event of the year!

We cordially invite you to put your best foot forward and join us for our “CASE ACCEPTANCE 2K16” event hosted by The Brady Group. You’ll leave at the end of the day knowing that with proper skills,  working less will actually help you achieve more. A curriculum that will enhance and enrich your life and your practice.


What are you waiting for?  Call now to learn more! 1-800-592-7239 

You can also email your question to

Doctor’s attendance required. $695 includes attendance for you and up to 8 of your team members. And...LUNCH is on me! (If you have more than 8 on your team, please call 1-800-592-7239 because we may be able to accommodate larger groups...just ask.) 


  October 7, 2015- Salt Lake City  ~  October 8, 2015- Denver ~ October 14, 2015 - Dallas ~ October 15, 2015 - Houston

A power packed session. 7:45 AM – 5:00 PM. Limited Seating. Lunch Included.

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