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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Dental Coaching?

A: Our experience is that, as a rule of thumb, dentists in the U.S. are not as happy or as rich as they would like. For that reason, we define our “rich and happy dental coaching” as a professional partnership between a qualified coach (us), a great dentist (you) and a highly motivated team that wants to achieve extraordinary happiness and profit. We believe dentistry is a very unique business and is best played as a “team” sport. Through the process of coaching, dental teams focus their learning on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce the desired results. What this means to you is happiness and financial freedom for you and your team.

Our personal coaches are trained to help you set your own goals, generate your own solutions, make decisions that enhance your quality of life and dental practice, and substantially increase your income by mastering case acceptance. We also help you with the strategic planning that moves you forward. We help you to follow through and be accountable, with more consistency and measurable results in the things that matter most.

Q: What are the benefits of Dr. Chris’ Coaching program?

A: Our coaching is not a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter program. There are common business principles that apply to all dental businesses that will improve and increase profitability. Although tangible benefits vary somewhat from person to person, there are a few things that our coaching absolutely provides:

1. Increased case acceptance success resulting in increased net income.

2. Systems that really work, resulting in lower stress.

3. Improved leadership and communication skills

4. Alignment of practice vision, goals and team performance

5. Greater insight into practice situations and solutions

6. Less confusion and more certainty about solving problems

7. Practical & emotional support for difficult decisions

8. Encouragement and accountability

9. Better focus and clearer direction

10. Planning and goal-setting

11. Follow through support & accountability

12. Desired changes happen faster and more efficiently

13. Happier patients & team members

14. Less stress and increased energy

15. More fun, more money, more time off!

Q: I’ve worked with other dental coaches and practice management consultants, what makes Dr. Chris and the Brady Group different?

A: Case Acceptance. Big cases, small cases, quadrant cases! Selling Perio treatment or single crowns are not the standard by which we measure case acceptance success. What you learned about case presentation in dental school and from other management companies is almost 100% wrong. That’s why you’re not happy with the results! Yet, we keep trying and trying and trying something that doesn’t work very well.

Dr. Chris’ coaching program is unique in that it focuses on communication from the patient’s perspective. Without this skill, the integrity of dentistry is in question and the results speak for themselves. Communication is the key to a successful dental practice, and you won’t find this insight anywhere else. If you don’t understand today’s patients and how they think, feel and buy, then you’re playing Russian roulette with case acceptance.

There is an epidemic of high, out-of-control overhead. Dr. Chris focuses on net income, not gross. Why are you working so hard for the amount of money you’re taking home? This is a graduate course that takes it all to the next level.

We help fix the bad systems. Bad systems cause high overhead, stress and burn out. Great systems make you more money in less time at the office.

Q: What topics does Coaching address?

A: Because coaching is customized for each Brady member, topics can include anything that is important to you to help you get where you want to go in your practice and your life. For example, the Coaching Program can focus on Scheduling for Success, Mastering Case Acceptance, Setting Practice Goals, Bonus System for the Team, How to Change the “Way You’ve Always Done It”, How to Increase Your Profitability, Vision & Leadership, Stress Reduction, Increasing Happiness, Marketing and Understanding Patients. Although there may be a general agenda for which you hire us as your dental coach, we encourage you to bring forth any practice issues that are personally unique to you and your situation.

Q: What happens in a Coaching session?

A: Typically, coaching is done a few times a month in sessions that last anywhere from 30-90 minutes on the phone and/or video conference. Additionally, various coaching sessions are scheduled for you and youTeam members to enable focused training in specific areas. Come prepared with an agenda and your coach will help you explore the solution(s) unique to your practice. Your coach will ask relevant questions, ask you for possible solutions as you see it and offer support in discovering how to proceed with real, concrete answers. Together, you and your coach will create long and short-term strategies to achieve those goals. It’s important to note that the coaching agreement is not just what happens in the appointment time. It’s the entire space that you and your coach create for the duration of the agreement. So it’s the combination of new insights, strategic planning, action taking, and continually being held accountable to your goals that creates the results and lasting changes.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: We like to say our coaching program is free because you’ll reap financial rewards far greater than your initial investment for years to come. But we realize you want to know how much it takes to get started. It varies depending upon the length of the program and which program you select. Call us at 888-292-7239 to find out about a coaching program tailor-made for your practice.

Q: Is there any guarantee it will work for me? What if it doesn’t?

A: Our guarantee is that we will provide everything you need, i.e. materials, videos, personal In-Office coaching, Just-In-Time coaching calls, email support, and Dr. Chris' live training events to make you ultra-successful. If we don’t believe our program will work for you, we won’t invite you to join a partnership.

The doctor and team must do the heavy lifting: the reflection, the discovery phase, especially the implementation. No honest coach can guarantee results; just as no football coach can guarantee that his players will make 100% of their field goals and/or touchdowns.

Here’s our promise to you: If you are committed to working toward building the dental practice of your dreams, one that binds achievement and fulfillment into one powerful force, you can trust that we are committed to providing you with all the coaching necessary to help get you there.

Q: Can I talk to other Brady members about the program?

A: Yes, of course. There are also testimonials featured on our website under Success Stories. If you prefer to speak to a few of our Brady members one-on-one, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you the contact information to reach those doctors.

Q: I’m not sure it’s the right time; I’m just too busy and stressed out.

A: If that’s the case, that’s exactly why you should join the coaching program immediately! Busy-ness and high stress are two things we attack in the beginning. So, how soon do you want it to change? Our job is to make your job easier, not to add to your stress. Successful practices are those that take action. Not just day-to-day actions, but the actions that move your practice into and beyond the realm of ordinary success. The *right* actions. This means taking steps to find the answers to the problems your practice is facing, and then implementing the solutions. Because even if you have the right information – if you don't do anything with it - nothing changes. You'll still be stuck in the quagmire of stress and frustration. Success comes from taking the right actions. That's what the most successful practices do.

Q: I’m ready to take my practice to the next level, how can I get started today?

A: Call Kara for a personal consultation immediately and enjoy the practice you’ve always wanted. 1-888-292-7239.

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