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Profitability and Dental Happiness Score

(How does your practice meausure up?)

Profitability and Deltal Happin A free online tool that allows you to analyze how well your practice measures up to the top practices that are profitable, allow a ton of personal vacation time and offer an atmosphere of low stress—every day. Please indicate which answer best describes your practice. Kindly answer with your true feelings.


1. Verbal Skills

2. Training provided by the office
Hardly ever
Once per year
Every 6 months
Ongoing for each team member

3. Attitude
Bad Attitude
Mostly negative
Mostly Positive
Uplifting to the entire team


4. How many per month/doctor
Less than 10
More than 35

5. Percentage of new patients from referrals
Less than 25%
More than 76%


6. Leadership skills
Very Poor, I can't get my team to follow me.
Below Average. I'm not sure where i'm going.
Above Average. I have good consistency in my team.
I have a great vision and my team are all self-starters.

7. Stress at the office
I dread going to work most days.
Things often don't go well in the office. Team isn't happy. We keep making the same mistakes.
I'm stressed because I feel like the team and I'm on a treadmill
My team is well trained and relieve me of much of the stress of running my business.

8. Verbal Skills/Case Acceptance
Patients most often leave without scheduling
Patients do what their insurance will pay
Patients seem to be open to treatment but delay getting things done and use on their spouse, the insurance company or communicate they will think about it.
Patients most often say 'Yes' regardless of insurance, etc.

9. Complete diagnosis for every patient
I mostly fix what patient wants-usually motivated by pain or something badly broken.
I only diagnose and suggest treatment if it's badly broken and/or 'watch' teeth-most of the time.
I diagnose today's pathology, and do the 'worst one' first.
I present both current and future patient wants including cosmetic, pathologic and TMJ/occlusal problems.

10. Profession satisfaction and reward
I usually dread going to work and often think about doing something.
I enjoy the clinical part but hate the business side of running the practice. My employees bug me.
I like what i do but i'm working too hard for the money I'm bringing home.
I love my job. Sure, there are a few bad days now and again but I would never want to do anything else.


11. Total Overhead
Less than 50%
More than 90%

12. Total Staff Overhead (including taxes and benefits)
Less than 20%
More than 40%

13. Total production/month/employee
Less than $10K
More than $35K


14. Financial stress
I worry about money all the time. Often don't sleep well
Some months are tight and I get stressed about payroll
I pay my bills and have some for retirement but I worry occasionally
I'm financially free-stress free.

15. Burn out
I am physically and mentally tired nearly every day
I am working too many days and hours. I feel stuck - in a rut
I like what I do but I'm frustrated because I know how ot do better dentistry than I get to do
Dentistry is uplifting. I can't see myself ever wanting to stop.


16. Percent of procedure dollars accepted when complete diagnosis is proposed
Less than 25%
More than 55%

17. Largest case accepted in the last 90 days
Less than $6K
More than $20K

18. Average case size
Less than $1K
More than $7K

19. Percent of cases done one-tooth-at-a-time
Not often, Less than 39%
Not uncommon, 40-59%
Usually, 60-79%
Most, More than 80%


20. Percent Pre-collected (before patient is even scheduled)
Hardly ever, Less than 10%
Not Often, 11-20%
Sometimes, 21-40%
Routinely, More than 40%

21. Number of statements sent each month
Less than 30
More than 100


22. Hygiene prophy fee
Less than $60
More than $85

23. Average number of patients actually seen (not scheduled) per day/hygienist
Less than 5
more than 8

24. Number of inactive patients not seen in 12 plus months
Less than 100
More than 300

Bonus Question!

25. Number of weeks vacation per year for team and doctor
6 or more

Your Profitability and Happiness Score

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