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How You Benefit

If you are not making enough money . . . if you're stressed out or burned out . . . or if you're not taking as much time off as you'd like, and you'd like to change that, then you are a great candidate for Brady Group coaching.  You can have it all.

Here’s how you’ll profit from Rich & Happy Dentist Coaching...

1. Make And Keep More Money.  Money buys you freedom. Retire as you go or stop when you decide. Play golf or travel whenever you want. You choose.  Its entirely up to you.

As a general rule, our clients increase their net income by several thousand dollars each month. How does that happen? Oftentimes this occurs as a result of a combination of three things:

   1. Reducing Overhead

   2. Increasing Production Through Better Case Acceptance

   3. Reducing And/Or Eliminating Accounts Receivable

You will see financial results in your practice almost immediately!

Dr. Chris is a dentist. He understands what its like to run a dental practice. In addition, through his 22 years of practicing and coaching, he understands how to:

  1. Win The High Overhead Battle In Order To Put Cash In Your Pocket
  2. Increase Case Acceptance Resulting In Higher Production
  3. Run The Financial End Of The Practice And Decrease Economic Stress

If you are battling high overhead, Dr. Chris can help you increase your cash flow by plugging the holes in your checkbook and significantly increase your net income.

If your case acceptance needs improving, Dr. Chris can show you the simple yet effective words that will help you sell the big and little cases causing your production to go up and your stress to go down.

If you are extending credit to your patients, Dr. Chris can prove to you and your team how simple methods will eliminate the high cost of sending statements.

2. Partner With You To Grow The Practice How You Want It To Be.

Tell us what you want. Finding out exactly what you really want for yourself is our first task together. We help you distinguish between what you coulda, shoulda, oughta, and have-to want, from what you, in your heart of hearts, really want for yourself. Once you create the ideal vision, we help you develop your plan to grow your practice exactly what you want. You do more of the kind of dentistry you want to do. You treat more of the kind of patients you want to treat. You have your office the way you want it to look. You develop a practice that serves you rather than you being a slave to your practice. In other words, at last you have the practice you’ve always dreamed. You CAN have it all!

3. Hold Your Feet To The Fire. Basketball great Michael Jordan had a coach. Mia Hamm, women’s superstar soccer player, had a coach. John Elway, Denver' legendary quarterback, had a coach. Even Michele Kwan, ladies world champion figure skater, tried coaching herself. The results were a disaster so now she has a coach. As gifted as these hall of fame athletes are, they all have one thing in common. They all employed the help of a coach. Why? Because they all recognized the need for someone to push them and encourage them and give them feedback so they could reach much higher heights than they would have flying solo.

Even if you know most of the answers, having a coach will save you both money and time because you’ll get where you want to go much faster. Not to mention the headaches you’ll avoid from the mistakes you’ll make. And, you’ll go higher than you ever thought possible.

If you like the ideal of having it all, having more money, having the kind of practice you always dreamed of and gleaning the benefits of having a trained, experienced dental coach, then you’ll benefit greatly from Brady Group coaching. And yes, you can have it all.

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“I was dumb enough to believe you when you said we could change to a non-insurance practice.  My accounts receivable are down to $3,000 and still going down!  After 30 years of practicing the wrong way.  I’ve found that everything you’ve said would happen has happened.  Thanks!”

- Robert Holden, D.D.S., Boulder, CO


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