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Brady Group, LLC

Our Promise To You

Our Promise to you:

1.    We promise to tell you the truth.

2.    We promise to not ‘sugar coat’ the tough messages you need to hear.

3.    We promise to help you have a profitable and happy practice.

4.    We promise to teach you everything we know in order to help you.  

5.    We promise to listen to you and your team.

6.    We promise to respect your right to choose.

7.    We promise to always treat you & your team with respect and communicate value to all.

8.    We promise to not rob you of the privilege of leading your practice.

9.    We promise to always respect the values of the patient.

10.  We promise to not manipulate you nor allow you to manipulate us.

11.  We promise to have fun and be in a good mood.

12.  We promise to have confidence in you and your ability to have success.

13.  We promise to keep our mouths shut if you share confidences with us.

14.  We promise to not ‘do it for you’.

15.  We promise to not take credit for your successes nor your failures.

16.  We promise to encourage you as you grow.

17.  We promise to respond to your requests quickly and politely.

18.  We promise to hold you accountable and remind you of your goals and objectives.


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