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Real life success stories from real life dentists who have had the courage to follow their instincts, break out of their comfort zones, and follow our program.


“We just finished up the first quarter on April 1.  The numbers tell the story, we have just set a record for team Williams for the first quarter--$316,000.00.  What really has me pumped is that the first quarter is traditionally the worst quarter of the year!  The numbers, of course, translates to great bonuses for the girls!  Each staff member has earned a bonus of $1,495 this month, alone.  Everyone is really taking responsibility for making each day the best that it can be.  It is simply amazing to listen to the girls when I am walking down the hall outside the treatment rooms.  They just do a masterful job of finding out the patients' wants and then they really focus on them.  I am so very proud of them!  Before the year started, they set a goal of $12,000 of AEI for each team member.  I have a sneaking suspicion that we will blow that number away.  More great news!  We have a plan every day of this cycle through the 22nd.  On Thursday alone, we had 4 new patients call and set appointments from very far away. It seems that all these years of doing things the right way (the Brady way) is paying off with referrals.  I have been trying to widen my "net", so-to-speak, and I think it is happening right before my eyes!  Thanks for giving me the tools!”

                            Kurt Williams, DDS, Ellsworth, KS

“In looking back over the past year 2009, I realized what a great year in Dentistry it really was.  I feel that we owe a debt of gratitude to your team, for helping us to incorporate “The Brady Method” into our practice.  We were up 6% from 2008, while apparently many Dental offices locally (as reported to our Lab and Dental Supply company) were down as much as 25%!  The only way I can explain it, is that we just kept doing what we believed to be the best way to do things; the Brady way, we kept working and focusing on our systems and our patients’ needs, with little stress, regrets or despair.  We have had great feelings and great results.  As you know we have been with Brady Group for 4 years and have never looked back.  Looking forward to moving forward in 2010.”

                      Michael Freeman, DDS, The Woodlands, TX

Dr. Hamilton and her team raves about our Mission Possible Event in Dallas Texas!!!  

“Each team member made an additional $9,701.47 in 2009 and that was in only 11 cycles since we were out for office remodel!”

                                   James Peterson, DDS, Coppell, TX


“Another GREAT cycle!!  We had our best one yet. This year is right on track to be better than last year.  Not only are we producing and collecting but we are learning to listen to the patient and give them what they want.  Our schedule is working better as well.  And the bonus...WOW!!  Practically another paycheck. Last year at Discovery we all left there saying "You want us to do what?!"  This year at Discovery we can't wait to tell the newbys "you can do it"!  We are proof!”          

                                   Jody (Dr. Mason Yeary’s), Plano, TX

“We had our best year ever with over $1,530,000 in collections thanks to the tools we put into place that were learned from your seminars. That's pretty good with only 5 employees and one doctor.  Thanks for all your good advice. It works!! Our stress level is way down and we’re taking more time off.  I feel we are doing the best dentistry I’ve done in my career.  Business wise- our percentages are down from previous years.  We no longer accept insurance assignments on most cases (80%).  I like the program because its not how many crowns can we do, or how do I manipulate that patient into buying extensive treatment.  It’s communication and being upfront with people.  Treating people as we would be treated.  Thanks again for your help.”                            Philip Kozlow, DDS, Dallas, TX
“Thank you Dr. Chris for your support and training, our practice NET has doubled the first six months, I love the extra time I have now with my children.”                                                                                                  Maisa Idriss, DMD, Spring, TX

“My wife and I left for a 4 day trip to the Las Vegas Discovery with the security of having more cash in the bank than I have ever had in 25 years of practice. We have been with the Brady Group for less than 4 months. If analysis paralysis had not had me vapor locked I might have made the decision to join the Brady Group 4 years ago.” 

                                    Stuart Kalmus, DDS, San Antonio, TX

“After doing what Dr. Chris taught me, I have changed my practice to be a lean, mean cash flow machine. Now my overhead is less than 50%. My case acceptance is up.  Way up.  I’m doing much larger cases and the office is less hectic.  No more sprinting from room to room. No more insurance running my life.  Patients pay in advance and we send no more statements.  It’s awesome! I’m only working 12 days/month.  I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been. Best of all, my income is up. Cash flow is much better.”

                                   Jeremy Thompson, DDS, Riverton, UT 

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